Cold extrusion process-the future development trend of cold extrusion technology

Editor:海盐县铭新机械有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-09-07 

The development trend of cold extrusion technology

1) With the increasingly serious energy crisis, people will pay more attention to environmental quality, and the increasing market competition will promote the development of forging production in the direction of high efficiency, high quality, refinement, energy saving and material saving. Therefore, the output of refined forgings produced by extrusion forming and other technological means will be greatly developed in the market competition.

2) Automobiles are developing in the direction of lightness, high speed and stability, and higher requirements are put forward for the dimensional accuracy, weight accuracy and mechanical properties of forgings. For example, connecting rod forgings for car engines not only have requirements for the error between the big and small ends, but also require no more than eight grams of weight error for each piece.

The high requirements of new products will promote the development of refined production processes.

3) Specialized and large-scale production is still the development direction and trend of cold extrusion production. In France, the full labor productivity of professional manufacturers producing forgings by extrusion forming process from 1991 to 1994, that is, the output and output value of extrusions per person, were higher than those of general manufacturers of die forgings or free forgings. Taking 1994 as an example, the per capita output of professional manufacturers’ extrusions was 51024KG, creating an output value of 775,688 francs. In the same period, the average production of die forgings manufacturers, its per capita output is only 39344KG, output value of 592384 francs, only equivalent to 77.1% and 76.37% of professional extrusion parts manufacturers. Compared with free forging production plants, it is even lower.

4) Special extrusion machines will become a development trend. With the development of refined production of small and medium forgings and the popularization and application of cold extrusion and warm extrusion processes, multi-station cold extrusion presses, precision presses, and special opportunities for designing and manufacturing certain forgings have been vigorously developed.