What are the factors that affect the work of cold extrusion dies

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What are the factors that affect the work of cold extrusion dies?

The cold extrusion die refers to the die that is extruded without heating the blank. Its process technology has been developed for decades, but there are still some factors that can cause problems with the cold extrusion die. Below we will Get up and learn more about it.

1. Fracture failure, such as plastic fracture failure, fatigue fracture failure, creep fracture failure, low stress brittle fracture failure, accelerated media fracture failure, etc.

2. Excessive deformation failure mainly includes excessive elastic and plastic deformation failure.

3. Damage and failure of cavity surface, such as wear failure, corrosion failure, surface fatigue (pitting or spalling) failure, etc.

When the above-mentioned defects occur in convex and concave parts, it is impossible to produce qualified cold-extruded parts, which will seriously affect the production plan of the factory. For this reason, facing engineers and technicians should solve these defects in time. Engineering and technical personnel should solve the key problems that caused these defects in time.

Production practice points out that the carrying capacity, working life, manufacturing accuracy, and product qualification rate of each pair of molds depend to a large extent on the chemical composition of the mold steel, the processing quality of the mold parts and the heat treatment process. In order to produce high-quality, high-economic benefits of cold extrusion products, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the mold structure design, selection of mold materials, mechanical processing, heat treatment, and production costs to achieve the desired technical and economic effects.